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Photographer Craig Burrows has taken plenty of pictures, however, the ones he took of growing flowers take the cake. In a series of photos, Craig uses ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography to depict a beautiful light around growing plants.

In order to do this, Craig uses a certain darkness to capture random, yet unsuspecting flowers that are growing around his locality.

According to him he,

“Rarely know what to expect from a flower before I get it back to shoot. Some I think will dazzle end up flopping, and others I am surprised by their colors or light. Everyone is a surprise!

In the same way, a tee-shirt blue glows under a black light, most organic material glows at least a little with UV stimulation and in all kinds of colors. To make the most of it, I make sure I’m working in the darkest environment I can and use a 365nm light so the camera can’t see the UV light.”