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She is a kind and good hearted woman. She deserves the world even though you won’t give it to her.

She has been hurt time and time again, but would still do anything for someone in need. She is someone you would assume to be heartless based off all she has gone through, but she is not. She is still caring and loving despite the bullshit hand she has been dealt.

She loves deeply and continues to move forward through this life. She needs someone amazing to come in and swoop her off of her feet. She deserves that; she deserves someone very different from you. Someone who will love her and not take advantage of her softness.

She has so much love to give and no one who deserves it. She is forced to push forward loving you, and helping you while you just ignore her and keep her to the side. She is one of those women who gives too much too easily.

She is always the first to stop when she sees a wreck and the last to leave when someone is in need of help. She will stand by your side until you make her leave. She thinks far too little about herself and only takes others needs into account. She does not have nice new clothes to wear because she doesn’t feel like pampering herself will make her happy. She is not happy, she looks happy but she doesn’t know happiness like you do.

She is perfection and you are a disaster. You keep her up late at night, you are the reason she has circles under her eyes. She cries for you until she falls asleep. You are going to ruin everything she has. She could go places, she could be someone but you won’t let her. You think she holds you back but the reality is she keeps you afloat. Without her, you would be drowning yourself in this thing we call life.

You need her a lot more than she needs you. You need to do the right thing for once in your life and let her go. She will never leave you but she should. You are not good enough for her and you need to stop. She deserves so much more than you could ever give her.