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After age eighteen, you’re kind of thrown into adulthood violently – At least some of were. However, adjusting to adulthood is long and tricky process, but I’ve got you covered! These are the most important habits to pick up in your twenties.

Let’s admit it – adulthood is crazy scary. You suddenly have to think about all these bills, payments, 401k’s, 1099 forms, credit scores, and even more. The world is hectic and fast these days, and if you don’t catch on, well you’re left behind. The world spins in one direction and you’re intended to follow, Going against the current isn’t always a bad thing, however you need to learn these 12 habits. These are a necessity to learn in your 20’s and they will change your life!

Save Money  There are tons of different ways to do it – but no matter which way you choose, you have to do this. Life will constantly throw you a curveball when you’re least expecting it; and they’re usually expensive. Having money to fall back on in case of an emergency is crucial to a healthy life.

Let Go of the dating Checklist Once you’re out of high school you soon realize that you aren’t going to find Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Having such an intense checklist of necessities for a partner will cause you to lose more opportunities than gain. The best thing about an adult relationship is you love each other’s faults too.

Know Your Medical Routine

Have health insurance cards with you at all time. Plan ahead of time in case of an emergency. Which hospital are you going to go to in case of an emergency? Also, you need to have a dentist to see every 6 months because if you don’t – you won’t ever do it. Have these things planned and taken care of before you get any older than 25.

Eat Healthier  Okay so, this usually gets some people – you’ve got to start eating healthier. Although you could put away a big mac when you were 15 with no side effects, doesn’t mean you still can. As your body matures you are expected to take care of it. It is the key to lasting health. Eat healthy foods and greens!

Put Money Towards Something Beneficial It is important to invest money into something that will benefit you in the long run. No, I don’t mean go buy that dream car. I mean buying a house or a used daily vehicle. Housing and transportation are one of the most crucial things a person needs – other than food.

Make a Bucket List Make a list of all the things you would like to achieve in your lifetime, as well as places you’d like to visit! Afterall, you only live once, and you want to live your life to the fullest.

Invest in Real Furniture

We all love IKEA, however it isn’t very reliable furniture. If you will look in sale papers, or yard sales, or even discount furniture stores, you will find furniture that you love – and last’s a long time.

Learn How to Cook Cooking is a necessity of adulthood. You will soon realize that those one dollar burgers are starting to add up; not just in your wallet either. Eating at home is much healthier and cost efficient.

Learn Time Management Skills  If you do not manage your time well, you will feel rushed all the time. A constant hurry doesn’t feel good either. Remember dates and appointments and never be late to work. A good saying is, “If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re early, you’re on time.”

Work on Interpersonal Skills  One of the most important qualities of a person is their integrity. Learn to listen before you speak and look at the world from another’s point of view.

Stop Trying to Please Everyone  If you are always running around in circles to please someone you probably feel exhausted. Honey, it’s okay. You’re never going to achieve this. Be yourself and the people you really want around will stay around – and if they don’t you shouldn’t worry because it’s their loss.

Practice self care

After you’ve got your budget planned out and your bills paid treat yourself! You certainly deserve it, you maturing adults!