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Of course, when you have a crush you get butterflies, but could those butterflies actually be love? Your body can tell you when you’ve found love just as easily as your heart can.

What is your body telling you? There are plenty of signs to look for when considering whether what you’re dealing with is just a crush or something much more intense. Being around the person you love can cause real physical reactions.

Here are the signs you should be looking for:

They make you happy.

This person (or relationship) makes you feel optimistic. If you are feeling happier than you normally would now that this person is in your life then you are definitely dealing with something special.

You can be yourself with him.


He makes you comfortable and you don’t have to act any different around them. You are okay with being yourself with them because they accept you with open arms for who you are. Your true love will never judge you for being yourself.

Even just his scent is enough to bring a smile to your face.

This one speaks for itself. If their smell alone is enough to cheer you up then you should not let them slip away.

Your intuition or gut feeling tells you he is a match.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. It can tell you some pretty amazing things from time to time. If someone is not right for you then generally your gut will let you know right off the bat, not to say it can’t occasionally be wrong. It is still something to take into consideration.

You empathize with him.

We do this when we love and care about someone. If you can’t stand to see him hurting then you really do care about him. You could very well be made for each other if you care deeply enough. You share and feel what he feels as he does what you feel.

He makes you wet!

This is one of those that also goes without saying. If he makes you flood your panties then chances are you’re more than just in ‘like’ with him. If he can still get you going after being together for years he is a keeper for sure.

He makes you feel calm.

He should be able to make you feel relaxed when you’re distressed. Even after a long day, he should be able to soothe you with ease. Do you feel calm when he comes around? Can he ease your mind after a stressful day?

You can’t get him off of your mind.

He is always on your mind after he leaves you still feel his touch on your body for hours. When you find yourself lost in thought it is often because you are thinking of him.

If he meets all of these things and even doubles some of them, he is the one. You should always check for these things even if only in your mind. Don’t let anyone hold you back if they do not support you and make you happy kick them to the curb. There is a perfect match for you somewhere out there in this world.