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What makes a girl a vixen by informal definition is her luscious appeal, each zodiac sign is more than accommodating with traits that point to that. There are tons of different ways in which we can be attractive and different kinds of guys are attracted to different kinds of women.

This is something we must embrace. Look for your sign below to find out what kind of vixen you are. Don’t be fooled, there is a vixen deep within you whether you notice it or not.

Aries: The Shieldmaiden

You are someone who goes after what you want. You are ruled by Mars, the masculine planet but are not manly like some may think. You are fierce and able to get things done with ease. You do not like to deal with things like drama or unnecessary obstacles. You are independent and won’t let anyone take away your sense of identity.

Taurus: The Earthy Empress

You indulge in all of the physical aspects of this world but are still earthy. You know how to use what you have to get what you want and are not afraid to do just that.

Gemini: The Fairy Princess

You are ruled by Mercury which is the planet of communication. You are great at talking to other people and are a social butterfly. You are able to play both sides, you can be vulnerable or aggressive depending on what you want. It seems you tend to cause mischief and are most likely attracted to the more ‘bad boy’ types. You are hard to keep up with but worth it.

Cancer: Elegant Imp

You are someone whose moods go up and down. Your sign is like a damsel in distress that is mischievously waiting at the top of her tower. You will be there when people need you and are very caring but once something bad happens or someone wrongs you, they are dead. You will ruin them. Men love the mothering comfort they gain from you and if they don’t make any huge mistakes you will stick around forever.

Leo: The Queen

You are always in the spotlight and men melt when you look their way. You are beautiful and mysterious all the while being an open book. People cannot handle it. You can make anyone do anything you want.

Virgo: The Good Girl

Men think of you as easy to talk to and sexy because you are like the ‘girl next door.’ You don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve and don’t need anything flashy in order to stand out. Your body is full even if wearing a tee and some jeans. Your natural beauty is too much for most men.

Libra: The Perfect Wife

You would make an amazing wife and men know that. You are the kind of woman a man would want to settle down with. You are easy to talk to, sexy, and supportive. Essentially you are the whole package.

Scorpio: The Delicious Demon

You are a lady and a ‘freak.’ You play hard to get and will live up to the name given. You are all about getting what you want and moving on when things become serious. There is a lot of intensity around being with you that scares off men who are not strong enough to take you on.

Sagittarius: The Gypsy Goddess

You are constantly on the move leaving broken hearts everywhere you go. You are glamorous and seem unknown to most. You are showstopping in general and attract attention without trying. Men with success often want to be the one to convince you to settle down, but it just does not work that way.

Capricorn: The Class Act

You are someone who knows all too well we have to work for the things we want in life. You guard your reputation and rarely let loose. You are not one to be walked over and once a guy gets to know you he usually falls head over heels.

Aquarius: The Nerdy Nymph

You are every nerdy guy’s dream. If a guy is not unique he does not stand any sort of chance with you. You are one of the most emotionally detached signs and have friends everywhere. You are one who often chooses friendships over relationships.

Pisces: The Mystic Mermaid

You are an old soul that can be powerfully attractive when you want to be. You are a hard person to pin down and when it comes to relationships most of the time you’d rather just be single. You are hard to read and lots of guys find that to be attractive.