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Sometimes we pick up habits, these can be good or bad depending on what they are. Did you know people actually have different addictions that can be related back to their zodiac signs?

Aries (Energy Drinks)

This sign is one of the most active. They are always working over and putting their all in just about every second of their day this means they need a lot of energy. Aries often use energy drinks as a mean to keep going.

Taurus ( Cigarettes)

This I believe has something to do with your temper. When you get worked up you need to go grab a smoke. Sure, there are likely some Taurians who do not smoke but it seems like most do.

Gemini (Social Media)

Gemini’s are social butterflies. When they are home they are always online. They are always wanting to carry on conversations and this allows them to stay in constant contact with everyone.

Cancer (Shopping)

Yes, shopping, for everyone but themselves. The Cancer tends to spend far too much money on those they care about.

Leo (Clothes)

The Leo wants to look sharp constantly and will spend insane amounts of money on their outfits even when they have a closet full of clothes they have never even worn.

Virgo (Food)

The Virgo loves eating and has a big sweet tooth. They will go out to eat much more often than any other sign.

Libra (Toxic Relationships)

The Libra can’t seem to get it right they are forever getting themselves into shitty relationships that go nowhere.

Scorpio (Intimacy)

There is no sign that can compete with the sexual desires of a Scorpio. They are highly invested in intimacy.

Sagittarius (Traveling)

The Sagittarius never stays in one place for too long. They are always on the move and often become unhappy if they cannot travel.

Capricorn (Work)

The Capricorn will not spend time on things that do not matter. They will work hard to achieve their goals, perhaps too hard.

Aquarius (Video Games)

The Aquarius loves to spend time playing video games. You will often find them doing in their free time. They love going to other worlds through these games and spending time on their fantasy lives.

Pisces (Romance)

The Pisces is addicted to all things romance. They are sensitive and get hurt easily.