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We all deal with our anger in different ways this relates back to our zodiac signs though we do not often realize it. Are you easy to show your anger or do you quietly keep it bottled inside?

Find out how your sign deals with anger below.


You have a short fuse and will blow up on just about anyone. People can tell when you’re getting pissed off and most are smart enough to get out of the line of fire, however, those who are not get burned badly. You let people get under your skin far too easily.


You have a long fuse but when that fuse is lit it does not go out. You become extremely aggressive as things progress and will not stop until you get your point across. People should steer clear of you when you’re pissed or having a bad day. Once you get to the point of explosion it is like an atomic bomb has gone off.


You often say one thing and end up doing another. You have a hot temper and are quick to blow up but you do not dwell on things for long. You are a forgive and forget kind of person. Not to say that if you mess up bad enough you won’t be paying for it because you damn sure will!


If people mess up too many times you ignore them completely. You don’t confront others when you’re angry you just cut them out of your life. You will forgive them eventually but forgiveness does not happen overnight.


You are a hot tempered mess and will let people know when they have done something upsetting. The only plus side for this is that you do not hold grudges once things have been confronted.


You are very patient but when you have had enough it will show. You try to keep your anger to yourself for the most part and sulk about it the problem for as long as you can.


You also keep everything bottled up inside. You will always run away from confrontation instead of facing it. If someone pisses you off bad enough you will cut ties.


You will not tell others when you are pissed but you will make it known by your actions. People know to give you space when this happens. You feel suffocated when people ask what’s wrong and go on annoying you when you’re angry.


You confront every issue as it arises and will not let something go without being assessed. You are the most sarcastic sign when you’re on the verge of exploding.


You do not get angry often but when you do it is a big problem. You will be the first to get in someone’s face over something that makes you mad. Disappointment and anger go hand and hand in your mind.


You are the least pissy of the signs, when something is making you mad or may make you mad you try to talk it over before things get worse.


You get angry over even the smallest things. If you are mad you will go to your room and think things over by yourself. If someone comes to disturb you they will wish that they had not.