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You know how it goes, sometimes there are people we just can’t stay away from even though they won’t commit. Why can’t we get away from them, how are they keeping us on edge?


They send you random messages out of the blue to draw you back in. One small ‘this made me think of you’ after two months of nothing will fuck with your mind, which is exactly what an Aries intends to do.


A Taurus will always try to keep you around by being overly friendly towards you. They will do things for you like they are your best friend, however, they have an ulterior motive if they will not commit. All of what they do for you will have to be paid back eventually.


They will keep in touch with you and gain your trust all the while never making any moves. They will be there in your life but not be a part of your life if that makes sense. You can only rely on them to a certain extent.


This sign will trick you into sticking around by working things up and showing you parts of them they don’t usually show to others. They will make you feel special.


They are very giving in general. They will offer to help with anything within their power and give you the shirt off their back. You can always count on them, that’s why you stick around.


They are always back and forth, some days you will hate them and others you will love them. They will seem interested at times and other times you will feel like friends. This sign is hard to read and when they need to keep you around they will throw mixed signals around like candy.


They will get close to you and take you places alone without calling it a date and without labeling anything. They don’t want to give you a label and will avoid it as long as possible until they have figured out what it is they want.


They will flirt like crazy all the time. You will think that every signal possible is being given off only to find out later they aren’t really interested. They are only playing a romance game that they are far too good at.


They won’t go out with you in any setting that seems like a date. This is because they don’t want you to think they are interested, but also don’t want you to think they aren’t interested. You can both hang out together but it will be mentioned on more than one occasion that it is not a date. This sign will be more of the friend type that you shouldn’t get involved with.


They will make you feel special even if they don’t think you are. They will be at all the right places with all the best timings. You will fall easily and if things don’t end up working out you will be crushed.


This sign is one that does a lot of flashy things for those around them. Maybe they do something super romantic like draw a portrait of you. It will melt your heart but doesn’t mean they’re into you.


This sign is one that can and will talk to you about anything. Because of that, you think there is a deeper connection than there is and you cannot get over it.