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Sexual tension is very real. Those around you notice it quickly, do you?

Sometimes it is a bit hard to determine if the sexual tension you’re dealing with is real or empty. Sure, you’re flirting but is it a friendly flirting or is there an intention behind the things being said? When we are confused making the wrong move could be super embarrassing. No one likes the feel embarrassed.

When in situations like this you need to pay close attention to what the other person is doing. They sometimes give off very prominent signs of interest. You can tell if someone is just being nice if you look close enough. You should be able to feel the sexual chemistry boiling. Here’s how he reveals his sexual tension based on his zodiac sign. Look for these signs next time you’re out and about chatting up men.


He likes to make eye contact much more than other signs would. He sometimes comes off as a bit strange for staring from across the room for a few seconds too long but most of the time his point is made and a conversation is started.


A Taurus will initiate a hug and hold onto you for a good long minute smelling you. When he does this he is taking you in. If he doesn’t make an effort to pull away you have some chemistry going on and he likes what he’s seeing.


His sexual tension throws him off his game. If he seems to say or do something a bit odd it’s because you’re making him nervous but he is interested. He may say something as a joke but really he wishes it were a reality.


He stands too close to you. It’s like he can’t force himself to step away. Usually, he would be worried about personal space but when the tension is there he cannot help himself.


When he is feeling the sexual tension he will make you feel like you are sharing the spotlight with him. While you are probably surrounded by people in a crowded room it doesn’t feel like you are. It feels like it is just the two of you.


He will make excuses to touch your hand maybe helping you fix something or things of that nature. In this, these touches are powerful and bursting with tension on his end.


He will lose his charming behavior ever so slightly and before the night is over end up whispering something dirty in your ear. He cannot help himself.


He will go in for a kiss. Scorpios do not waste time when the tension and chemistry are there they know it.


He will compliment you on things no one else ever has before. He will notice all the small perfect details about your face that make you beautiful.


He stays even though he has work to do. He wants to be around you and will go out of his way to speak to you.


He will come up to you and initiate conversation after staring from across the room. He is not shy and will make it known that you are what he is after.


He will lose his place when talking because he will get distracted by your eyes, your lips, your everything. You overwhelm him with sexual tension.