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Have you ever noticed how intimidating you were to others? Maybe you’re borderline unapproachable?

When other people try to act like they know something they don’t or come on too strong you let them know they are messing up. You are who you are and you will not hide anything about yourself. Are you someone who expresses their emotions regardless of whether they are good or bad?

As you may have noticed everyone is intimidating on some level. Some people are more intimidating than others and no one is intimidating in the same way. Luckily you can find out how you are intimidating the most based off of your zodiac sign.


You are intimidating because you speak your mind. No one knows what to expect when it comes to your words. You can handle anything that comes your way.


Your attitude is intimidating. If anyone is ever around when you are angry their whole opinion about you may change. You are not going to stop no matter how bad things get and you will get your point across.


You intimidate those who are shy. You are outgoing and good with words. People who cannot find the words to speak in most cases find you completely unapproachable.


You read people and it can be scary depending on whether or not the person know you well. To strangers, your intuitiveness can come off as terrifying.


You almost never make mistakes and it has those around you walking on egg shells. You are perfect in their eyes and it makes them very intimidated almost all of the time, no matter how nice you are.


You are a know-it-all and you pull it off well. You have everyone around you feeling stupid and they are intimidated by your all-knowing-ness.


You always fight for what you believe in and that can overwhelm others. You will get fierce when you need to be and explode with negative emotions if you hold them in for too long. No one wants to be around when that happens.


You intimidate people because you are intense. You react far too strongly to most things.


You are unapproachable because of how sporadic you are. You never stay in one place and no one ever gets to know you.


You know your self-worth and most people do not. That is why you are intimidating. You aren’t full of yourself but sometimes you can come off as so.


You do what you want and other people admire that all the while finding it scary. You don’t depend on others for anything and completely blow people’s minds almost all of the time.


You come off as cold until a person gets to know you they may think of you as intimidating. However, when someone gets to know you they will find that you have one of the kindest souls around.