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We are always aware of the negative more so than the positive. How often do you look out for potential problems?

You see, we are quick to think about the negative because of the way that our subconscious mind lives. We are always reviewing things for potential threats. The predators of this day, and age are not wild animals, they are emotions.

We fear things like getting our hearts broken, losing money or those we love and things of that sort. We are wired to approach things from a state of lack rather than a state of abundance. Negative thoughts affect our minds in the way that they alter the way we think about things. The more negative our thoughts are the more often we will be thinking negatively from the beginning.

For whatever reason, our brains have a built-in negative bias if you want to change that you can but it will take some work. This is because the more negative thoughts and complaining we deal with or carry out the easier it is for our brain to go straight to that way of thinking. If you are already negative for the most part this could be a hard habit to break.

You will need to begin meditating and practicing mindfulness for sure. You will need to pay attention to the situations and thoughts that prompt this negative response from your mind. You will need to work towards breaking the loop. In order to rewire your brain to be positive, you will need to create some space between your awareness and these thoughts. You should in a sense try to press the pause button on your mind and take the time to cast off these thoughts as they are forming.

Imagine yourself as the being of light that you are, you should be shifting yourself into a place of positive thought and embrace the energy being given to you. Do not fear the unknown, welcome it with open arms. When you become mindful negative thoughts should no longer have a place in your life for the most part. You will be able to find a new sense of happiness when you change the way you think. The more positive you are the more positive your way of thinking will be.