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We all have spirit animals, no one is missing one.

When it comes to finding yours and connecting with them on a meaningful level you can do this through meditation, daydreaming, or even observation in nature.

Your spirit animal is an otherworldly guide who appears to love, heal, or support you during trying times. This is to some the same as a totem animal and others not so much. It depends on your beliefs what your spirit animal truly is to you.

You must remember that your spirit animal chooses you, you do not choose it. In most cases, your spirit animal will be present when you journey out of your mind for instance when meditating or dreaming. You will notice them if you pay close enough attention. When looking for your spirit animal give the following a try.

Finding Your Spirit Animal:

  • Observe the nature around you. (when awake and asleep)
  • Pay attention to animals around you. (when awake and asleep)
  • Watch for repetitive encounters with animals. (when awake and asleep)
  • Read books and such on animals reflect on the ones that stand out.
  • Meditate with the intent of discovering your spirit animal.

All in all, there is no set way to find your spirit animal and they will only show themselves when the time is right. You can use the tips above to help but if you are not ready to see your spirit animal then he or she will not show. Also, remember we have more than one animal that helps us on our journey as well so your spirit animal will not be the only one you encounter.

Spirit animals are not as complicated as most people would like to believe. Make sure you are ready on the inside and you will find yours. When sleeping is most likely the best place to look. Your dreams hold much more than just your spirit animal. Happy hunting.