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Some people are more susceptible to the emotions of others. This is perfectly normal and can be fixed if you want it to be.

You see day in and day out we are surrounded by energy. Some of these energies are negative while others are positive. As humans, we often take on the emotions or energies of others. Have you ever noticed that if you’re in a positive environment you are more likely to be positive yourself? Same concept.

It is important to know how to stop yourself from absorbing the negative energies around you. By deflecting these negative energies you are able to keep away unneeded fear, anger, and frustration. Have you ever became enraged over something that didn’t happen directly to you? You need to determine the source of this negative energy and distance yourself from it if at all possible.

If someone in your life is overly negative maybe tell them to hit the highway and get out of your life for good. No one benefits from being around negative people. Focus on your breathing when you can. Allow the earth’s energy to engulf your body and stabilize you. Meditation is very important when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook on things.

You can in some cases shield yourself from the negativity of others by using the shield of light visualization method. All you will need to do is visualize your whole body engulfed in a white or golden light. This will rid you of those negative energies that may be trying to overcome your positive flow.

Sometimes we are forced to be around those who bring us down and you need to know that you are not the issue. The emotions of others have nothing to do with you and you should not let them bring you down. You should not be taking on responsibility for their emotions. You can only control your own, it is up to those people to take back control of their energies.