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When it comes to love our signs tell us everything we need to know. This is because we all have distinct personalities that are reflected in our signs.

If you are trying to figure out if what you’re feeling is the real thing maybe you should look to the stars for your answer. Checking your sign is one of the first things you should do. Look for your sign below to see how to tell if you are actually falling in love or if you’re just in like.


When you have strong feelings for someone you will want to fight and make love at the same time. You are extremely impulsive and are not that good when it comes to interpreting your emotions. You will be pulled in two different directions when you are truly in love.


You will love to show your partner off. No matter who it is they will know your partner is yours. You fall hard and get possessive quick. If you want to introduce this person to your whole family chances are your feelings are really real.


If you find someone who can keep your interest then you definitely have something special. You get bored so easily and it often shows when it comes to your love interests. If you can’t get him off your mind he’s probably the one.


You love fast and hard. When it comes to love you know when you’re in it. You will want to protect and be there for your partner. You are one of the most loyal signs so when someone is with you, they cannot shake you.


You will want to shower your partner with gifts, You will, of course, have high standards but finding the person who meets them is easier than you might think. You will want to take care of the person you love because they are worthy of your time. If you are willing to share the spotlight with this person they are the one.


You will want to give your partner a lot of physical attention when you’re really into them. If your love is true you will be able to find balance with this person.


You will go above and beyond to make sure your partner is happy. If this person has you trying your best to be fair they may just have you wrapped around their finger.


You will get butterflies to an extreme extent. You might want to even avoid the person while wanting to be around them at the same time. Once you trust them and are comfortable that will go away but if you notice that you’re sending mixed signals you are definitely in love.


You will want to be more playful when you’re in love. This is different from your usual self and is a good change of pace.


You will think of this person as more than you could be. You will allow them to criticize you without getting upset because you respect them.


You will think of this person as your best friend if you love them. There is no one you would rather be around.


You will both feel the same about your future. You won’t be able to imagine a life without this person if you are in love. Your head is in the clouds and you want to bring this person right up there with you.