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The vibrational state is an amazing phenomenon reported by people who have had out of body experiences. . Generally, accounts of the Vibrational State are reported to be spontaneous,  but there might just be a way to trigger it.


But what exactly happens during this time? Dr. Twemlow published in the American Journal of Psychiatry a study about out-of-body experiences indicating the commonness of energetic perception – 55 % of 339 participants whom he investigated reported “a sense of energy” during their out-of-body experience. However, the Vibrational State is a condition that differs from normal perceptions of our subtle energies or perception of the astral body.

Studies show that this isn’t an uncommon thing to happen either. Actually, a survey of 3000 individuals indicated that 30% sensed such states. Such individuals generally reported strong and intense movements of “pulsating waves“, “sensations of vibrations”, “internal prickling” and “magnetic current” amongst other descriptions during the Vibrational State. But how does one achieve this?


While the Vibrational State is often a spontaneous occurrence related to the intensification and release of conscientious energies (perceived when the astral body reaches out of the physical body), the Vibrational State can also be controlled and induced by the will of an individual.


Here are ways to induce a vibrational state by 4 signs of the universe.

  1. Do a quick reality check: Look around your surroundings, what is going on? Is someone opening a door for you or is it slamming in your face? Is it a beautiful day outside or is the weather horrible?


  1. Are you seeing repeating numbers? Most repeating numbers (1111, 111, 222, 333) and increasing numbers (1234) are all signs that you are moving at a high vibration.


  1. Monitor your emotions: do a quick emotional check-how do you feel? Rank your emotion by vibration. Love, joy, and content all indicate a high vibrational pattern. Anger, disgust, depression or boredom indicate a low vibrational pattern.  Feeling so-so, or unsure indicates that you are in the middle.


  1.  Monitor your body: do you feel like you are running on all cylinders today (high vibration) or are you sick, injured or feeling the aches and pains (low vibration)? Feeling just “okay” means your vibration is neutral.

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