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We all act differently when in a relationship and that reflects back to our signs. Whether we are aware of it or not our signs tell us a lot about the way we are in general, how do you act in a relationship?


You are very committed and usually do well in relationships. The only thing that tends to get you in trouble is your flirty attitude, whether you have intentions of following through or not sometimes flirting is unavoidable.


You are very traditional and want someone who will take you out. Your temper and jealous ways will get you in hot water with your significant other unless you can learn to control them. When you start to really give your all to someone you expect nothing less in return.


You are exciting and fun to be in a relationship with but can be too much at times. You use your wit and charm to win people over easily and are always gaining affection from your lover day in and day out. As long as you don’t get bored or become too much for your partner things should go smoothly.


You are loving and kind. You go above and beyond to make sure your partner is happy and knows you care. You would give the shirt off of your back if you needed to and sometimes that is not a good thing. If in a relationship with the wrong person you will get taken advantage of.


You are too self-centered and it ruins a lot of your relationships. You are dominant and like to be in charge of things in the relationship. If you end up with a partner that is not submissive this can cause big issues. You want your partner to rely on you for things and come to you for advice.


You want to feel important in the relationship. Everything needs to be equal. You both need one another in the same ways and the same amount. You want to know that you are putting in your work and making something special in the end.


You tend to be far too emotional and it tends to drive people away. If you manage to find someone who will stick around chances are they will spend a lot of time catering to your emotions. That being said you are a really sweet and genuine person who loves to make people happy. You are constantly doing things to show you appreciate who you are with.


You seem to get a bit flighty when things get serious but if you stick around things begin to be much more comfortable than you imagined. You are all about romance and putting your all into this person. Your relationships are always full of passion.


You are open-minded and when your fighting with your partner it is less like fighting and more like talking thing out. You are always on the move and love that your partner is as adventurous as you are. Having fun and trying new things is always a plus.


Your partner is extremely patient and caring. While you are indecisive and frustrating they do not mind. You are fun and can carry on some wonderfully deep conversations. If you find someone who understands you then everything will work out well. (Even if you have to rush decisions occasionally.)


You are a smartass and it gets annoying your partner doesn’t like. You have to let your partner win sometimes if you want things to work. As long as they are someone who is able to keep up with you intellectually all should be fine aside from minor hiccups.


You spend too much time in your fantasies and it hurts your real life relationships. Sure your partner is fine with playing games with you but when you keep taking things too far problems will occur. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you are excused from making sacrifices. However, you can be loads of fun from time to time and are very caring.