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Many people love to garden, but what they don’t realize is, plants are not just for the day time! That’s right, you can have a magical night time garden.

There are many flowers that bloom and grow at night! Creating a magical night-time garden is a wonderful way to get in tune with mother nature, and it provides beautiful and fragrant surroundings for night-time enjoyment. Plus, you can open the windows and take advantage of those wonderful aromas.

Many night time plants are white, making quite aesthetics for nighttime enjoyment.

Night Blooming Plants

  • Brugmansia

This small tree sports large hanging flowers that open for a week at a time with the full moon.

  • Moon flower

Moon flowers are called moon flowers because they bloom in moonlight. These are beautiful pink or white flowers. The flowers quickly open at night and last the entire night. They close when the sunlight touches their petals. The plant has a height of up to 15 feet. The propagation is by seed. The flower should by planted when the moon is new or increasing.

  • Casablanca Lily

The flower has 6 petals and the colors vary from white, yellow, orange and purple to pink. If all types are planted, the garden will look like a splash of colors from the color palette of a painter.

  • Night Phlox

Night phlox, is additionally known as twelve o’clock at night sweet. The flowers continue to be shut during the day, opening throughout the evening. The blooms expand in tones of pink and white. Night phlox flowers have a distinct fragrance that smells of vanilla, almonds as well as honey, which resulted in the “midnight sweet” name.

  • Lotus

Lotus’s color vary, start from red, pink and purple. The fragrant smell of Lotus is pretty strong that you can smell it from the distance.

  • Night Rose

The next night blooming flower is Night rose. The natural habitat of this beautiful flower is spread throughout the area of North and South America. The color of the Night Rose varies starting from yellow, red, and white. Night Rose can perfectly bloom in just 1 minute.

Herbs and Flowers with Lunar Connections

  • Jasmine
  • Moonwart
  • Willow
  • Water Lily
  • Sleepwort
  • Camphor

What to Do with Your Night Time Garden

The possibilities are endless! A bench or a table make wonderful additions to the garden, this way you can sit and enjoy your garden by yourself or with friends. Let me tell you, a lunar garden is one of the best decisions you will ever make! I know it was for me.