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Sometimes you can love someone with all that you are and even if they love you back, it just doesn’t work. This is something we do not understand and it leaves us feeling rather empty.

Sometimes no matter how bad we want something to work it just doesn’t. Sometimes you need something completely different than what I need. One of us could be too much or not enough in ways we do not even realize. It is hard to understand someone who doesn’t meet the requirements you need.

If you have to question whether or not you belong together chances are you don’t. People often become too infatuated with each other to notice that their love for one another isn’t doing either of them any good. In some cases, we meet the right person at the wrong time and fate pulls us apart and then back together again when the time is right. Just because the love is there doesn’t mean you are right for each other now, or ever.

Love is terrifying and hard and hurts. It isn’t butterflies and bouquets of roses like poetry and fairy tales make us think. Stop trying to fool yourself into thinking this is right. Holding on when there is nothing left to hold on to is toxic for all who are involved. Pay attention to the signs being shown to you. Love is not always enough.