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Jupiter goes direct on June 9th, 2017, for those who are not aware Jupiter brings luck to whatever area it is in. What will this mean for your sign?



Jupiter will be bringing to you some major luck. You will be meeting someone new that will make your heart pound. This person may very well be your soulmate or even something deeper than that. You need to be on your toes but not guarded as things will be going well.


You will benefit greatly when it comes to working. Jupiter may even bring about a promotion if you work hard enough. You are well on your way to the top, but of course, you earned it!


You are going to be coming up with some wonderful ideas in this time. Jupiter is bringing creativity to you like it is a desert for a queen. If you have been dealing with any sort of creative block you should feel much better knowing it is almost over and something wonderful is to come.


You are going to be blessed in a way you never imagined. If you have been dealing with any sort of negative feelings of doubt within your family all of that is over. Things are going to be looking up big time for you in the near future.


You are going to be doing something in this time that will change your life for the better. Be cautious but also know that you are more than capable of saying the right things. You know exactly what needs to be done. Do it.


You will be finding your self-worth which is one of the most important things that will be happening to any sign in this time. Jupiter is going to bring you strength and comfort. If you have been down in the dumps you will be perking up very soon.


You are going to be drowning in financial blessings if you listen to your inner self. There is a lot that will need to be done in this time but if you do it you will not regret it. While this will get stressful it will not be too much for you to handle.


You are going to become closer to those around you than you would have ever thought you could be. Your psychic senses will be heightened and something intense is going to come about. This is going to leave you appreciating everything this life has to offer even more than before. Do not be afraid to take risks.


You are going to be blessed in the sense that you will be gaining friendships this month. While you are already quite blessed there is still much more for Jupiter to offer you, if you will work for it that is. Your luck will be doubled if you welcome Jupiter with open arms.


You will be in the right place at the right time. Something that may seem bad is going to happen but it is going to bring about something quite amazing. Be patient and do not worry.


Jupiter is going to bring you somewhere new and exciting. If you’ve been wanting to take a vacation now is the time.


Your relationships are about to be taken to a completely new level. This is going to be quite an experience for you. Don’t hold back. If someone in your life suddenly decides they are interested in you don’t question it.