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The world is a very complicated place. We cannot say who deserves what as we do not always see the big picture. Just because someone is doing better than you does not mean they are a good person and just because you are stuck in a rut does not mean you are a bad person.

We all think that we deserve good things in this life. No matter who we are it seems we believe wholeheartedly that our actions are doing no harm and we are being the best people we can be. We do not realize the impact something small can have on the big picture. We can say or do something small that we don’t even think twice about and in the long run, that very thing can have a negative impact on someone else’s life. Just because we do not notice the damage we have done does not make it go away.

Sometimes in order to do its job, karma has to damage other people in the process. Nothing is ever ‘clean.’ A man who is a good father but a bad person gets shot, you might think this is a good thing but in the end that leaves his children whom he had been good too, wondering what they did to deserve this when truthfully they did nothing to deserve this. Good people have to suffer because of the bad things that happen in connection with them, even when the bad things have nothing to do with them.

Karma is something we will never be able to fully understand because there is too much at play we are not seeing. We should always consider things from a different perspective before we do them. Sometimes things are just out of our hands and of course, we should always be grateful for what we do have rather than being upset over the things we do not have.

If you haven’t yet heard the story of the Chinese farmer please take the time to listen to it in the video below. It is eye opening and will definitely leave you with something to think about. Do to others as you wish them to do to you and don’t waste time worrying about things you cannot do anything about.