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Lightworkers, for those who do not know, are here to help the planet. They volunteered to do this long before they were born.

During the upgrades mentioned in the title, things will seem a bit wild. You will be able to feel you Chakras activate and such. This is because when this happens we are essentially rebooting ourselves. We are freeing ourselves from blockages and bringing our power up from within. Don’t fight this, let these upgrades flow.

25 Signs of Quantum Upgrades

1. Lucid dreaming.

2. Being able to see through politics.

3. Being more sensitive to the energy fields around you.

4. Breathing deeper and slower.

5. Flexing muscles you didn’t even know you had as you are drawing the chi energy deeper into your being.

6. A renewed need to get things done.

7. People being drawn to you.

8. Negative people trying to avoid you.

9. Deja vu.

10. Flashbacks.

11. Appreciating nature’s language on a deeper level. (synchronicity)

12. Feeling more connected to everything.

13. Feeling restless.

14. A sudden unbearable lightness of being.

15. The overwhelming need for expanding your consciousness.

16. Intense periods of karmic toxins. (You will experience physical symptoms like shaking, nausea, and heat waves.)

17. Heightened awareness.

18. An overwhelming need to simplify your life.

19. Increased empathy.

20. The need to clear negative energy more often.

21. Being drawn to things like reiki, yoga, and chi gong as a means of encouraging your energetic flow.

22. Spending more time planning out your moves.

23. Feeling like you are losing your way.

24. Being more careful about the people you choose to allow in your life.

25. Wanting to spend more time in nature.

This battle is one that will not stop. We must always do our best to avoid negative energy and trust ourselves as well as the universe to the fullest extent. We are here to break this world free of the tension surrounding it. While these quantum upgrades will be a lot for you to deal with they will bring about something wonderful.

This is your chance to reach a higher dimension. Will you take it? Do not be afraid. Everything happens for a reason. You are here to be the light this world needs. Do not forget your purpose.