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When it comes to picking a partner looks are not the only thing we need to consider. Their personality should always be the deciding factor.

It seems that these days we spend an awful lot of time wading through an ocean of ‘fuckboys’ just to end up alone. In order to avoid that try to check your potential man for the following thirty-five traits. If he has them he won’t be playing games.

1. Sense of Humor

At the end of the day if you can be run through a garbage disposal and still find something to laugh about you will be much happier overall.

2. Friendliness

If he makes an effort to be nice to people that he doesn’t even know then he has a kind soul.

3. Friendship

If you two consider one another best friends things will go a lot smoother. Someone who will be your best friend will stand by you through the things life throws at you.

4. Love for Animals

You never want to be with someone who will chase stray dogs off with a shovel just because they are in the yard. You want someone who will take the time to get them somewhere safe.

5. Wit

No one likes a sarcastic asshole.

6. Supportive

You want someone who will support you and be there when you need them.

7. Sensible

This often comes with having good taste.

8. Willingness to Experiment

You want someone who will want to do new things with you. Someone willing to try all sorts of things.

9. The Ability to Love Again

Even though every other time has failed he is more than willing to give this is all.

10. The Ability to Let Go

You want someone who will let go of their past and not hold yours against you.

11. Respect

You want someone who will respect you and those who are important to you. Someone who will respect your own limits and so forth.

12. Life Experiences

He has life experiences that have made him who he is today.

13. Compassion

This is something that can make or break a relationship. He has to be compassionate.

14. Brains

You want someone who isn’t completely lacking when it comes to his brain.

15. Empathy

Empathy is something we all need in general, even at least on some level.

16. Power

You want someone who is strong enough to get things done and strong enough to stand up for you as needed.

17. Skill

You want someone who is better than you at some things, someone you can learn from.

18. Vulnerable

Sometimes you need someone to stop acting strong, someone who will let you in and show you their true self.

19. Style

Someone who fits your style.

20. Hard work

You want someone who will work hard in the same ways that you do. Someone who doesn’t settle in life.

21. Honesty

You want someone who will not lie to you.

22. Passion

If there is no passion the relationship will die off quickly.

23. Courage

No, he doesn’t have to be the most courageous person but someone who shows a bit of courage when it is needed is more than enough.

24. Spontaneity

Sometimes a little spontaneity is good for the relationship. You want someone who will randomly go on adventures with you.

25. The Ability to Forgive

You don’t want to live the rest of your life with someone who will hold past mistakes over your head.

26. Self-Awareness

It is important for the person you are with to know themselves.

27. Belief in Gender Equality

You want someone who will treat you as his equal, not someone who thinks he is above you.

28. Reliable

Reliability is important in all relationships. You want someone who will come through for you.

29. Values

Having values is important.

30. Someone who has dreams and goals

You don’t want someone who isn’t going anywhere in life. You want someone who is building themselves and constantly improving.

31. Common Likes and Dislikes

You two have to have something in common if you want to build a relationship.

32. Caring

You want someone who will care for you. Someone who will make you soup when you are sick and so forth. No one likes to be stuck alone when they’re feeling down.

33. Family

You want someone who will do what they can to make your family like them. Someone who will try to make a good first impression rather than being a dick.

34. Someone Who Communicates Well

You want someone who you can talk to. When a problem comes up in the relationship you need to be able to talk things out.

35. Someone Who Does Not Take Advantage of You

You never want to be with someone who is constantly taking advantage of you. You want him to put the same amount of effort into the relationship that you are putting into it.