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We have gone over the turn-ons but now it is time to dig a little deeper for the turn-offs. Every sign has things that seem to get them going and things that make them never want to go again.

For some signs things like bad hygiene could repulse them and others it could be something as simple as having a big ego. Regardless of the turn-offs, we all have them. Here are some of the most common turn-offs for each zodiac sign, which one are you?


You are not into anyone who tries to change you. Things could be going great but the minute manipulation comes into play you are out.


You hate people who are constantly in your face. Your temper will not allow you to get close to anyone who is like this. While you do your best to ignore all the petty bullshit sometimes it is unavoidable. Anyone dramatic has no chance with you.


Negativity is your biggest turn-off, without a doubt. You want to go into a relationship with things being fun and upbeat. You do not want to be with someone who will hold you back or shit on your parade.


You hate people who are selfish. This is because you are overly selfless. You look for a partner who is more like you in that they care for those who are important to them. If someone has a ‘me me me’ personality chances are you run the other way quickly.


You are not interested in anyone who kills your mood. You love to party and are optimistic in almost all situations. If someone conflicts with that you have to get rid of them. You need someone who compliments your desires.


Laziness and bad hygiene are big no-nos in your book. You will not be with a good for anything slob. These things are disgusting to you and will definitely not help anyone get in your pants.


You are also not interested in any drama. You have more than enough on your plate without it. You are a peacemaker and will not tolerate anyone disrupting the peace.


You do not like liars. Once someone has lied to you they have ruined any chance of ever having any sort of relationship with you. Scorpios often already have trust issues, so when someone fucks up they really fuck up.


You are not about clinginess. When a person shows too much interest in you, it makes you not interested in them anymore. You are more of the go with the flow kind of person and the thought of someone being that into you makes you queasy.


You are not impressed by those who are too into themselves. If someone has a big ego chances are you already decided they weren’t worth your time the day you met them.


You hate needy people. When it comes to getting what you want you to need someone who will put the same amount of effort in as you. If someone tries to constantly make you do things for them or be overly clingy you will run for the door.


You are turned off by people who are too bossy. You like things to go as they should not how someone wants them to. If someone is constantly telling you what to do or how to do things it makes you frustrated. You are all about open-mindedness and being free with this world. Bossy people have no place in your life.