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If you don’t take your zodiac sign seriously you are in need of a reality check. When it all boils down our sign can and does say a ton about who we are.

Is there a sign that is more likely to kill it’s the whole family? Probably. What does your sign say? Are you going to be a happy go lucky cheerleading star or a masked murder in the making?


You are no killer. While lots of people would think you were, or pin things on you if the situation arose you do not often turn violent. You are one of the people who will be mad enough to kill someone but not one of the signs that would actually go through with it.


Your anger is something no one can forget. While you are more likely to commit fraud than murder you are highly capable of it.


You are the one who tries to avoid any and all criminal activities. No matter how angry you get it doesn’t seem like becoming a serial killer is anywhere in your future.


You are the more torturous rather than murderous. You wouldn’t kill someone for sake of killing but given the right situation, you would beat the shit out of someone and/or lock them in your basement.


You are more likely to kill someone in order to attract attention to yourself. A dramatic effect for your fucked up story so to speak.


You are someone who enjoys partaking in criminal activities and while you would rather steal something over killing someone you do have it in you. If you are mad enough then you might not be able to stop yourself.


You are kind and patient but in the moment you can be violent. If someone takes advantage of you and you have had enough you might do something you will regret.


You are definitely likely to be a serial killer. People need to watch what they say around you because you take things very seriously.


You are one of those slow torturing psychos that end up being legends in the end. You won’t kill for sake of killing. You have to get your point across.


You are no killer. When it comes to your anger you do not know how to express it so you hold it in. This is not good but is also not enough to drive you over the edge.


You are one of the more innocent signs and tend to do whatever it takes to avoid being involved in criminal activities.


You get lost in yourself and that can be a bad thing. You are creative and quite in all the wrong ways. You can and will plan out some pretty gruesome murder scenes. The question is will you carry them out?