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If you love all things horror chances are you will love these museums. They are filled with anything related to death.

While this may seem dumb to some people there are actually tons of people who find these museums intriguing and wonderful. There are museums like this all over the world and each one feeds your dark side in a different way. Have you ever been to any of these morbid museums?

1. Museum of Death (Hollywood, California)

Each room here focuses on a different form of death. They cover everything from taxidermy to cult suicide.

2. Glore Psychiatric (St. Joseph Missouri)

This one used to be a State Lunatic Asylum and is now a museum. They actually have artifacts from patients who were ‘treated’ there on display. Apparently, some of the methods of treatment used were quite terrifying.

3. Museo De Las Momias (Guanajuato, Mexico)

The museum of mummies is supposed to be an intense experience, to say the least. All of the mummies are out in the open and exposed for you to literally walk through.

4. Icelandic Phallological Museum (Iceland)

This museum is dedicated entirely to dead penises. They have everything from human penis to bear penis and it is amazing.

5. The Mutter Museum (Philadelphia)

This is actually one of the most interesting on the list. Here they keep skulls, skeletons, specimens of all sorts, and even Einstein’s brain.

6. Museum of Torture Instruments (Prague)

Of course, Europe has a much better variety of torture instruments than the United States. The collection of torture devices at this museum is astonishing.

7. The National Museum of Health and Medicine (Silver Springs, Maryland)

Some of their strangest artifacts are preserved, dead babies.

Now, these are in no way the only morbid museums out there but they are my favorites. Did any of these creep you out or do they seem like awesome places to visit? Will you be adding any to your travel list?