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Optical illusions are a fun way to see how well your vision is, and also how creative and intense your brain can process these images for what they truly are.

Optical Illusions play tricks on our eyes, and not everyone can see past them. It can be really frustrating if you can’t see something other people can’t, so I’ll show you at the end! But, you have to try as long as you can first! The brain and eyes have a weird relationship. It is much like two friends who always play tricks on each other – especially if you are sleep deprived.

Sometimes people come up with weird methods to see an optical illusion correctly. You might have to shake your phone, turn it upside down, to the left, right, and then left again, or even shake your head. You might as well turn upside down on the sofa too! Not all optical illusions are difficult, but the one below gets most people! Can you see what is hidden in the zigzag lines?

Some people have to cross their eyes to see it.

Still, can’t see it? Here’s a zoomed out version of the image.

Okay, here’s the outline. Believe me now?