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Sometimes our signs are the victim of stereotyping and they just don’t always fit. If you think your sign is the only one who deals with this then you are wrong.


  • Myth: They love to cause drama.
  • Reality: The Aries is not a dramatic sign. They will show you the respect you show them and if someone starts shit they will stand up for themselves.


  • Myth: They are lazy.
  • Reality: The Taurus works hard for all that it has. They appreciate the things in their lives they have worked for and deserve to live their lives how they want.


  • Myth: They are too bipolar.
  • Reality: The Gemini is always evolving and extremely friendly. While they can sometimes be a bit indecisive it doesn’t mean they are bipolar.


  • Myth: They are unable to stand up for themselves.
  • Reality: The Cancer is able to deal with a lot of shit and is really tough when it gets down to the core of things. They will stand up to those who treat them like shit when the time is right.


  • Myth: They are not interested in anyone but themselves.
  • Reality: Not all Leos are self-absorbed. They can still be sensitive and have doubts about themselves. They are still human no matter how you look at things.


  • Myth: They are assholes.
  • Reality: It just takes the awhile to open up to people and they are a bit too honest for most people’s likings.


  • Myth: They are fake.
  • Reality: They are just a bit more guarded than they should be. This makes them come off as fake until you get to know them better.


  • Myth: They are always thinking about sex.
  • Reality: Their lives do not revolve around sex. The Scorpio thinks about a lot more than just sex. They are very deep thinkers.


  • Myth: They never want to be in one place.
  • Reality: While they are sporadic and do get bored quite easily sometimes they want to be in the same place for awhile. Everyone needs a break and some time at home here and there.


  • Myth: They are boring.
  • Reality: They work hard and play even harder. If you think the Capricorn is boring chances are you don’t know them very well at all.


  • Myth: They are coldhearted.
  • Reality: Sometimes they just need time on their own. They are not good at vocalizing their emotions but that does not mean they do not have them.


  • Myth: They are too unrealistic.
  • Reality: They always do what needs to be done and would rather spend their free time doing things they want to do. They are not unrealistic, they just want to be happy.