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I am sure we have all wanted to get our hands on a love potion of some sort at one point or another in our lives. I know I have, but could something like that really ever exist?

Well, there is one scientist who intends to find out. According to Dr. Anders Sandberg within the next 20 years, he should be able to develop just that. He says that by understanding the neurological processes behind adult romantic love can help him to envisage how to hack the process using neurochemistry. Falling in love has a specific effect on our brain chemistry as you may already be aware it causes us create a bond using dopamine.

Sandberg told Broadly that:

“A good love drug would need to affect the right part of the brain by stimulating these systems,”

“From an ethics point of view, if love potions like this existed, they’d really be quite horrifying date rape drugs, in essence.”

He continues on to explain that:

“When you’re already in love with someone, emotions can change over time. What if there was a way of topping up that love that might be starting to fade?”

“If you took drugs to put you in the right empathetic mode, and then combined that with proper couples therapy, that could work well.”

This meaning it would not be one of those classic drink this and you fall in love with the next person you see potions but more of a means of strengthening already existing connections with someone. Sandberg believes society would be a better place is we all had access to a love drug, this would help mothers bond better with their kids and improve the core family bond as a whole. Who knows what will come of this or if the love drug will ever truly be a real thing, what do you think about this and do you think a love drug would be a good idea?