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As a child, of course, cursing was not allowed. However, like most children I found curse words to be completely intriguing.

Once I found out about them I always wanted to say them be it in secret alone or whispers to my friends. As I got older I became quite a potty mouth and while I still consider myself to be a smart classy lady I still curse A lot.


If you’re like me and drop F-bombs like there going out of style I guess you could consider this to be good news. Back in 2015 researchers from Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts set out to find out if swearing could be used to determine if one were intelligent or not. In this, they found that those who were laxer with their swear words scored higher on IQ tests than those who did not swear.

All the more reason to keep on being a potty mouth, right? It has even been found that expressing your emotions in the form of cursing can help you cope with stress. Are there really any downsides to being true to the smartass that you are? NO!