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Some people like to put every detail of their lives on their social media while others only allow the minimal. This is something that says a lot about who you are as a person.

I know several people who cannot go a single day without ranting or bragging about their significant other. Is this really healthy? Should people be seeking validity in their relationships through social media? NO!

Research done at the Brunel University in London suggests that people who constantly boast on social media about their lives are narcissists and that those who refuse to shut up about their relationships are dealing with low self-esteem. People who post things like that are just seeking attention. They want the likes and comments more than anything else.

In this study Psychologists at the University were able to survey Facebook users to examine their personality traits and motives. They looked at anything that might influence the topics in which they chose to write about in their status updates. This information was collected from five hundred and fifty-five Facebook users.

If you are one of those people who constantly post about your relationship have you ever taken the time to stop and think about why you are really doing it? Are you insecure? Will posting that cute kissing picture makes everyone else know he is yours and to stay away from him? No, hoes will be hoes. You just need to be with someone who makes you and your relationships feel valid without having to splatter the vomit that is your love life all over Facebook.