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People have come to realize that only bad things can come from a materialistic and processed lifestyle. The corrupt business leaders and politicians do not care to inform us of all of the negative side effects of processed foods and prescription medications because it gets in the way of their money; and thankfully, people are starting to realize this.

Bill Spring and Jose Lima have struggled to pet their 11-year-old cat named Willie. The family cat just doesn’t like to be touched, according to Lima in a Facebook post. However, that was until Willie was introduced to his very own amethyst crystal. “He starts purring like crazy,” Lima recalls. Now every night before bed, he demands Lima rubs his belly with the crystal. “To me it seems like the cat can sense some type of energy or presence in the crystal that we as humans cannot sense from the crystal,” Lima tells Vice. “[It’s] as though the cat can recognize some type of metaphysical power.”

Crystals have been around for thousands of years and it’s no recent news that they have energetic powers. Crystals and gems like Amethyst are profound receptors for spiritual and metaphysical energy. More and more people are figuring this out and adapting to a holistic lifestyle more now than ever – and they love crystals even more. Bill and Jose aren’t the only ones that have introduced their feline friend to them either; many people are utilizing crystals for their dogs and cats.

“People are currently gravitating towards leading healthier more organic lifestyles,” explains Dr. Rachel Barrack, a licensed veterinarian who works at New York’s Animal Acupuncture. “That trickles down to the care and lifestyle choices they make for their pets.”

One user from a crystal forum explains just how useful crystals are for pets. She noted that Black Onyx crystal had the power to remove fleas and other pests in 2008. You can even see a growing endorsement of animal crystals in pet publications like Wellness Magazine and Dogs Naturally.

“Our animals are very energetically sensitive,” Dogs Naturally contributor Brenda Utzerath informs Broadly over email. “They have fine tuned and heightened abilities to smell and hear things that humans cannot. It’s all a part of their ability to survive, thrive, heal, and be well. Crystals (gifts from the earth) hold and share energetics/frequencies that can balance and heal bodies.”

Which crystal are you going to try on your four pawed friend first? I’m going to try Amethyst since I have some laying around!

Image Via Broadly