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The universe certainly has a weird way of doing things, but it always seems to send us the perfect sign exactly when we need it.

Whenever we begin to lose our enthusiasm or motivation in life it can have a tremendous effect on your spirit. However, you may notice that when we stick it out for as long as we can, the universe will always pick up our spirits. The cosmos can stimulate us to heighten our sense of creativity and enthuse us about life.

It often reveals a greater purpose that we should be working towards. All of the cosmic energy we receive comes from the sun and the moon. They have much metaphysical authority over how things are going in our lives.

The moon not only controls the ocean tides and the sky, but it also has very potent healing power. Coming soon on July 23, is a very interesting new moon. The moon, the sun, and mars will join together. They will shine in the sky with sparkling energy that can be absorbed by the human soul. The sun entered the sign of the Lion, Leo, on June 20. Mars will enter the sign of the lion on July 20 at 14:20. The moon will follow behind a little over two days later at 11:46 on July 23rd.

Energy will pass from fire to water during this time. In the last lunacy we were forced to express ourselves emotionally. This enticed us to really come to terms with ourselves emotionally and rise a new self awareness. However, during the new lunacy we are encouraged to express ourselves creatively. The moon will inspire you to see the game of life, to recognize us as actors in this beautiful divine work of life.

Many of us have been experiencing things that might not be emotionally positive. However, it is in these moments when we are suffering we realize who we really are. Sometimes we lose sight of our true purpose and who we really are. During this lunacy remember to love yourself, see the game of life, and remember that the bad parts aren’t what matters.