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According to many, the eyes are the window to the soul. And if you think about it, that statement is pretty spot on.

I mean think about it, when you are watching a movie, what is one of the quickest indicators of the character’s emotions? Unless they are speaking, the quickest way to tell is by their eyes, particularly, their eyebrows. Furthermore, how many times have you found yourself silently conveying emotion to another person through none other than your eyebrows?

So what do your eyebrows say about your personality? Look below at the images, and then choose the corresponding letter. What you will find will astound you.


A. You are a “high arch looker” which means you are a very curious person. High arch lookers are also known for having an eye for beauty. You are quick on your toes, and intuitively know when something just isn’t right.

B. You are a “medium arch looker” which means you are level headed and fun to be around. However, when it comes to a good adventure, you can be a little crazy. While you can be a bit choosy about who you want to be around, when you find someone that is a kindred spirit, you latch on hard.

C. You are a “straight angle looker” which means you are very confident with yourself. You are content with your place in life and your loyalty is beyond that of anyone else.

D. You are a “slight curve looker” which means you are laid back and lovable. When someone needs advice, they seek you out because you are insightful, wise and have a unique perspective on life.

E. You are a “straight looker” which means you are a realist. You know what matters, and your intuition guides you well. However, despite your realistic views towards life, you remain optimistic about the future.

F. You are a “slight angle looker” which means you are cautious with falling in love. Despite this, you are fearless in all other matters. However, people are naturally drawn to you due to your sense of humor and charm.