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It is easy to underestimate how beautiful nature is, but this Scottish sculptor is here to remind us all. He has some amazing artworks using only the natural elements.

Andy Goldsworthy creates amazing art using only the tools given to him by nature. Yes, only leaves, sticks, rocks, and anything else you can find in nature. He usually uses the items he encounters on a daily basis. It just depends on where he is! Whether he is relaxing at his Scottish home, or in the mountain ranges of France and Spain, he always finds some way to make a beautiful artwork out of nature. His art is documented through his photographs and their larger meanings are bound by the forces that embody – Temporality, growth, vitality, permanence, decay, labor, chance, and memory.

Ephemeral works feature about 200 of his works. They were selected by Goldsworthy from thousands that he has made in the past. He started working on his art in about 2001 and still continues to this present day. You can see some of Goldsworthy’s art below.