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You have most likely had a time in your life where a screaming baby was driving you nuts. The parents just seem to ignore it, and you’d like to scream at them. However, there might be an invention to solve this issue!

Whether you’re on a four-hour plane ride, bus, in public, or at home – a screaming baby is no fun… However, crying is vital for babies, a Japanese inventor has invented something that may or may not helps the issue. The product is called – wait for it – ‘The Baby Muzzle!’ it has been primarily designed for three years and under, and works by muffling the sounds. Some people might think this is handy, however, others claiming it is child abuse.

While hearing a baby cry is nonetheless excruciating – to me anyways – the baby’s crying is essential for its health. Of course, babies don’t come out of the womb speaking broad English, so they have to cry to let us know they need something. While this was a rather creative invention, it could seriously fall into the hands of the wrong parent.

The baby muzzle works the same way as noise reduction headphones do. It eliminates noise frequencies. It could be rather dangerous, especially if the baby was in need of severe help. Instead of putting a muzzle on your baby it is probably a better idea to instead change the diaper or feed the baby…

The truth of the matter is that babies need to cry. It is important to their health and well-being, and without it how would we know they needed something? It’s the parent’s job to care for its offspring – if you hate a crying baby, well, don’t have one.