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Do you have an overactive sacral chakra? Sacral chakra is one of the primal chakras.

This chakra leads our physical desire and manifestations. It is the home to our creativity and without a balanced sacral chakra, our true self will not be able to thrive. This chakra controls a lot more than most people think and is actually a key factor in how we relate to other people. It is situated on the spine below our naval.

During your daily routine do you feel as if your desires are lingering with you? Is your soul too hungry? If your chakra was balanced you would be able to move freely and carry yourself without issue, that being said you’re likely dealing with an overactive sacral chakra.

The physical symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra include the following:

  • Pains or aches in the lower stomach
  • Unusual bladder issues
  • Unusual kidney or urinary issues

In order to balance the sacral chakra, you will need to follow the methods below:

  • Light orange candles as this chakra are associated with it deeply.
  • Try crystal therapy with some topaz, red jasper, amber, and hematite.
  • Use essential oils like jasmin and rose.
  • Sit in nature by the water and meditate, really get to the root of your problem.

It is very important that you keep your sacral chakra balances as it should be. Do your best to maintain that balance and things should go smoothly. Take time to think things through and do not make emotion based decisions if you are feeling as if this is not balanced properly. Stay happy!

If you find that the methods above do not help and you think you need a little more, your sacral chakra could be overly weak rather than overactive. This meaning you will need more to heal it. Check out the video below for six of the best ways to heal your sacral chakra.