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When it comes to our spiritual journey the hardest part is accepting synchronicity. You see we often have trouble putting our faith in things that we can only feel.

Synchronicity is the belief that the universe will help direct us on our life path through occurrences that our soul manifests. This term originally comes from Carl Jung. It refers to the events in our lives that have the most meaning. There is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason.

We must only make choices that are good for ourselves and the universe. If we do this our soul will be rewarded with signs that we are in fact on the right path. You can change anything in your life for the better and nothing will come out negative, positivity will always follow. You have to believe that you are on the path you need to be on and listen to the signs that say you are.

If you get yourself in a situation and you believe that the universe will take care of you, it will. Not to say you can do whatever you want you should of course still think responsibly. Have you ever had something come into your life in the exact moment you needed it?

Once you give up complete control to the universe you will be much happier than you are now. There are forces at work that we cannot see. I believe in destiny and fate and all of that other stuff people find to be silly. The best religion there is for me in belief in the universe. If we do good, good will come back to us.

Now, let me get into the connection of 11:11 to synchronicity. Those who are awakened will see 11:11 on clocks and such as their lives go on much more often. It seems to become more noticeable when the universe is trying to send us a message. If you are awakened you are most likely already aware of this. I believe this is because 11 is the number of self-awareness.

Synchronicity is something that can override our fears and give us hope to continue on. We are on the path we need to be on. While you may not fully understand this now as time goes on I hope you come to experience this for yourself.