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When it comes to being lucky or unlucky in love things are not always as up to chance as we think. Some things are set in stone and unchangeable.

Not all zodiac signs are compatible but that being said some of them make much better partners than others. Our signs give us a better view on how the Universe is working to determine our chemistry. I am not going to say that every relationship with the following signs will be as listed but for the most part, they will be very similar.

If you are looking for a good partner always take your sign as well as your potential partner’s sign into consideration. This will save you a lot of heartache and pain. Do you think your sign will make the list of best partners to marry? Look below to find out.

4 Best Signs To Marry:


The Gemini makes a wonderful partner because they are good at communicating and will talk any issues out with you. They will be there for you no matter what as long as you take the time to put effort into the relationship. You will feel at home with a Gemini because they will go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. They are always keeping you on your toes and will make you happy without a doubt.


Gemini is best paired with Aquarius.



The Cancer is caring to the point where it can be overwhelming. If you are ready to settle down a Cancer is a great choice. The Cancer will never leave your side and will take care of you for as long as you will let them. The Cancer is soft-spoken and kindhearted and it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Cancer will never let your romantic flame go out and will never be unfaithful.

Cancer is best paired with Scorpio.



The Leo will share the spotlight with you and nurture you in ways you have never been nurtured before. They are hard working and will help you achieve your dreams if you let them. They will not hold you back but will instead skyrocket you right where you need to be.

Leo is best paired with Sagittarius.



The Aquarius makes a great partner because they are selfless and willing to make sacrifices for those who they care about. They will be more than willing to build a life with you and never want to disappoint you. They understand that freedom is something we need and will never fail to give you room to breathe when you need it.

Aquarius is best paired with Gemini.

All of the signs are capable of maintaining wonderful deep and meaningful relationships when they want to and are ready for them but the signs above are without a doubt marriage material. Was your sign on the list or do you think your sign should have been on the list? Let us know!