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In this world, there will always be situations in which we feel hopeless or become vulnerable. That being said we all handle things differently.

How do you act when you are depressed? Do you still get up and go about your day like nothing is wrong or do you breakdown and stay in bed for days on end? None of us have the power to be in control of everything all the time, sometimes we will breakdown, it happens.

Just because someone seems fine does not mean that they are. Someone could be hurting just as much with a smile on their face as someone with a face soaked in tears. The following five signs will act like nothing is wrong and for the most part, you may never even notice they are upset, but they are. These signs are emotionally closed off and while they do battle things you would never know it.


The Gemini is someone you rarely see sad. They are always out and about taking care of business and chatting it up. For the most part, they are optimistic and upbeat but sometimes, just like everyone else they deal with depression. They will hide this in order to maintain their ‘appearance’ unless they decide to confide in you, you will never know they are feeling down.


Cancer’s are extremely emotional and tend to become closed off in a sense when something is bothering them. They will pretend everything is fine because they put the needs of others before their own. Unless you pay close attention you will not see them bursting at the seams.


The Virgo is his own worst enemy, always thinking of things that could have been done differently or better. The Virgo will come off as fine and be screaming on the inside. The Virgo will not ask for help because he wants to go through this and solve the issue all on his own.


The Scorpio is extremely guarded, you won’t know something is bothering them unless they tell you. They hide their vulnerabilities because they do not wish to get hurt further. They will seem happy when you are on the outside looking in.


The Aquarius will want to spend more time with those they care about when they are upset but unless you know the signs to look for you will dismiss it. They will gain contentment from being around their friends and family all the while never asking for advice or admitting to being down in the first place.

Are you one of the signs above and do you have trouble expressing your emotions? Sometimes going through bad times all on your own is overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your friends and family want to be there for you in troubled times. They would do for you anything you would do for them.