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“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” – Bruno Barbey

 Long exposure photography, also known as time exposure photography, is the art of capturing an individual element in motion as depicted through the blurring, smearing or obscuring of the moving element in the image. The image that results shows the passing of time in a unique and creative way, resulting in some of the most impressive images that photographers have captured.

Celebrating this style of photographer, here are 50 of the most epic and innovative examples of long exposure photography. These images will both awe and inspire you!

Intricate Designs Created by Moths Swarming a Light at Night


Hundreds of Skiers Holding Flashlights


Colorful Long Exposure Image of a Tilt-A-Whirl


Roomba + LED


Long Exposure Lava Lamp Looks Like a Galaxy in a Jar



Long Exposure of a Moving Train


Japanese Image of Fireflies in a Forest


The Result of Long Exposure and Teacups


The Effect of Long Exposure + Zoom on a Building


Soyuz Launch to the Iss


Train Moving Through the Canadian Rocky Mountains


The Mesmerizing Effect of Post It Notes on a Bike Tire


Long Exposure of a Road


Christmas Light Jump Rope


Stunning Milky Way Long Exposure


A Fascinating Representation of a Marathon


Candle Procession at Salisbury Cathedral


Peacekeeper Missile Testing


Long Exposure Image of a Helicopter Landing


Long Exposure of Speed Zones


Long Exposure Escalator Looks Like a Slide


Long Exposure Shot of a Christmas Tree


Long Exposure Aboard a Merry Go Round


Departing Train Long Exposure


Long Exposure of a Carousel at Night


10-Minute Long Exposure of a Robotic Vacuum at Work


Rock Climbing with Glowsticks


Stunning Image of a Ferris Wheel Looks Like Stained Glass


Roomba Equipped with Color Changing LED Created a Brilliant Image


Beautiful Image of Fireflies in a Jar


Air Traffic Over San Francisco


Long Exposure Photo Reveals the Art of a Plane Taking Off


Our Planet as Seen Through the Windows of the Iss’s Cupola Module by Don Pettit, NASA Astronaut


Train in Budapest Covered with 30,000 LEDs


The Result of a Truck Passing in Front of the Camera During a Long Exposure Shot


Artistic Rendering of Bugs Under a Streetlamp


Long Exposure of a Plane Taking Off at Night


Epic Long Exposure of a Keyboard Zoom


The Delta IV Rocket Launch


Traffic Light Long Exposure


Long Exposure of Fireworks


Snowboarder with LEDs on his Board


The Effect of Dropping Glow Sticks into a Waterfall


Long Exposure Shot of Fireworks


Long Exposure of an Illuminated Golf Ball


The Result of a Long Exposure in a Subway Tunnel


This Photo Artistically Depicts the Motions of Canoers and Kayakers with LEDs

Long Exposure of a Lighthouse


A Haunting Shot of a Pumpkin as the Lens Began to Fog Up


The True Beauty of a Firework in Motion