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Heartbreak is so much more than just sadness, it physically destroys a person from the inside out. It might sound over exaggerated, but only those who have experienced it can understand. In fact, it’s an understatement.

Dating isn’t the same as it used to be or should be. It is much more complicated these days, i’m sure as a side effect of social media and the technological ego take over. Whatever caused it, love has taken a gruesome turn in the past decade. People break each other’s hearts left and right, and nobody truly understands the damage they are doing. Heartbreak is so much more than sadness or loneliness. It’s abandonment, vacuuming you of all hope and self-esteem. It is important to remember that you can always recover from a heartbreak. You are not hopeless, and happiness is achievable. You just can’t lose your way, your purpose, or your true drive for life.

Heartbreak has a hefty toll on not only your mental health but your physical health. Leaving a broken heart unattended to can cause much worse problems, like personality disorders, depression, and severe anxiety. It can destroy your ability to ever let yourself be vulnerable, and that is something that is very necessary for love.

You Suffer Withdrawals


Like an extreme drug addiction, being without your love can cause you to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. There have been many different studies that have found a bad breakup can have similar withdrawal effects as cocaine.

You Become Obsessed

After a heartbreak, it can be easy to obsess over what you did wrong. What is it about you that made that person not care enough to stay with you through it all. What you can change, what they did wrong, or what can be fixed. You basically become obsessed with finding a reason as to why said person abandoned you. The answer is that it has nothing to do with you. It’s all a part of them.

Increased Risk for Depression

Leaving a broken heart unattended to can severely increase your risk for depression. Depression is a cruel disease, and it is hard to escape from. Don’t let your breakup bring you this low. It wasn’t ever worth it, and it still isn’t.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Doctors have found that Broken heart Syndrome is a real thing. It’s when the loss of a loved one results in what closely resembles an actual heart attack. It can even cause a real heart attack or stroke.

You Lose Your Appetite

During a bad breakup, your body experiences an increase in the neurochemical cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This causes you to lose your appetite, making it almost impossible to eat.

You Physically Hurt

A heartache can physically hurt your body. You can feel the aches of a broken heart radiate down each leg, arm, finger, and toe. New research found that during a breakup, the body triggers sensations that you feel in moments of actual physical pain.

Your Blood Pressure Rises

Blood pressure rises during these times because of the increased cortisol levels and stress. High blood pressure is a natural response to such a high level of stress, and it can cause more issues down the line.

Your Hair Falls Out

According to Dr. Bessam Farjo, medical director of the Institute of Trichologists, “It’s not uncommon for women to suffer hair loss after the stress of a relationship breakdown.”