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As an empath choosing a career that you love but also one in which you can leave work at work is a bit hard. You need to find something in which you are able to channel your intuition and not suppress it.

The best careers for empaths and I know this to be especially true for myself are ones in which there are fewer people and less stress. Empaths are usually much more comfortable working for smaller companies or even from home. They prefer to be away from the noise and headaches of big corporations. This allows them to avoid all of those energy hungry vampires and focus on their work.

Empaths do much better as writers, editors, medical professionals, artists, or well, anything creative in general. They make good accountants and even virtual assistants. The range of career choices is almost endless when you think about things from the right perspective, perhaps you’d like to be a realtor or even a plumber?

Some empaths choose to go a more fulfilling route and become nurses, social workers, or even work for non-profit organizations like animal rescues. This is something that will make them extremely happy but also will bring them much stress. They have to work extra hard to try and keep the stress from work from consuming all of their positive energy.

Empaths are not dumb and can do well at any job they put their mind to, that being said there are some jobs that in my opinion bring on too much unnecessary stress and pain for the empath. These jobs are the ones that will drain you of your energy and leave you feeling like shit. Empaths should avoid any job that deals with professional sales or big corporations. Big corporations do not value the individual and that will clash with the empath in more ways that you might think.

Of course, no matter what you end up doing as long as you are happy that is all that matters. If you are newly entering the work field or thinking about a change of career try to take these things into consideration. They might just put you somewhere you need to be.