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No matter who you are there is always that one thing that never ceases to piss you off. I know when it comes to me, there are a few things that throw me over the edge.

Our zodiac signs actually dictate a lot of our personality so it only makes sense that we would be able to tell what pisses off each sign. Even the nicest signs can be pissed off if pushed in the wrong way. Below you will find the quickest ways to piss off each zodiac sign. Enjoy!


To piss an Aries off all you have to do is get in the way of their work. They are extremely work oriented and will not stop until they get things done. If you try to stop them from moving forward full force they will run you down like a train.


Borrow something without letting them know, I dare you.


Geminis are people who hate feeling trapped. If you make them wait for you for extended periods of time they will not like you very much at all. The longer they have to stay put the more hell you will have to pay for when you show up.


Cancers will go above and beyond for those around them. If you bullshit around and don’t take their friendship seriously they will demolish you.


Tear them down. If you want to piss a Leo off don’t recognize them for their hard work. This will make them furious and they will flip out.


Half-ass things and make them do all the work. They will be more than happy to walk out and leave you to deal with the mess. They hate being taken advantage of.


Ignore them. Ignoring a Libra will drive them nuts. Within just a small amount of time, they may be in your face letting you know where you stand.


Lie to a Scorpio and see how long it takes for them to sting you. They will always pay close attention to what you say.


Be overly clingy, it will literally get them to dump you almost overnight. They cannot handle clingy.


This sign has no sense of humor making fun of them will push them over the edge quickly.


Argue with them a lot. This will piss them off severely as they are ‘always right.’ They will not hesitate to give you their opinion on things.


Treat them bad, just be mean to them. They will not be able to handle it. While most of the time things do not bother them when someone is mean to them all the time it makes them question everything.