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Each zodiac sign has many different qualities, some good and some bad. If you know your sign well, chances are you already know what I am going to say about it.

None of us are perfect. Whether we want to hear it or not these things are definitely true to our signs. What is the nastiest thing about you based on your sign? Find out below!


You are too self-centered. Everything has to be about you and you are far too stubborn for your own good. People hate your attitude and whether you like it or not you are an asshole.


You are too pissy all of the time. Calm down, nothing is that important. You are great at managing money and seem to be doing well for yourself but for some reason no matter how much success you see you are still not happy. You are holding onto something that you should have let go of long ago.


You are a shallow bitch. People know you are two-faced whether you think they notice or not. Sure you are smart and know a lot but you come off as a know it all that just wants to impress everyone. STOP trying so hard.


You are a cry baby. Sure, we understand that you are sensitive but that is no excuse to be such a pussy. You need to stop whining and learn not to take every little thing to heart.


You are too bossy and people hate it. In case you didn’t notice people are not that fond of being around you and will do their best to avoid you. Take a few steps back and reassess your position before shouting orders next time.


You criticize people too much. Nothing is ever going to be perfect enough to fit into that little box of yours so stop trying. Loosen up and consider that you might be too overbearing, no one likes to be controlled or spoken down to. You might not notice that you are doing this because you think you do it with good intentions but not everyone sees things the same way that you do.


You give in too easily to others. You need to learn to stand up for yourself. While you love balance you are only weighing yourself down trying to find it. Put your needs before the needs of others for once, please? You are important.


You make bad decisions a lot. You tend to act on your emotions without thinking things through and it gets you into a lot of trouble. Stop and think about your emotions before acting on them if you want to maintain relationships of any kind.


You are fake, stop putting on a show for everyone and be yourself. Even if you don’t know who you really are. How you appear to others is not as important as you think it is, Relax!


You work too much, slow down. Sure all of that hard work will pay off at some point but overworking never ends well. Make friends and spend time with them, everyone needs someone in this life, even you.


You are too disconnected. You need to care more about the people around you. Being so disconnected will hurt you in the long run. You are not too special for those around you, try to reach out to those who matter and make changes in your life. If you do this, positive things will come.


You are too emotional, you are literally a rollercoaster and it is sometimes your greatest flaw. Give being honest with yourself a try and stop being so silly, silliness is not something that should be used to avoid dealing with your true feelings. Tackle them as they come up so that you aren’t bottling things inside.