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How do you remain positive when you feel as though your life is crashing down around you, and you are falling apart? How do you hold your head high and plaster on a smile, convincing yourself and everyone around you that you are going to be ok?

You don’t!

There are going to be days in life where you struggle to just keep breathing, tears streaming down your face. You want to scream, cry and break down. The very thought of facing others is more than you can bear, wanting to do nothing more than cocoon yourself in your covers, hiding out in your bed all day.

That’s OK! It’s OK to not be OK!

Allow yourself to feel all the raw, intense and difficult emotions that are running through both your mind and your heart. Sit with each of these emotions long enough that you can work through them, express them, whatever you feel that you need to do in that moment… and when you are done, stand up, take a deep breath and shout out to the world “I’m not done yet!”

It’s true – you’re not done yet! You still have so much left to offer this world! You’re not perfect, you’re human and we have all been there at one time or another.

Life is a crazy rollercoaster, full of highs and lows. While it is easy to enjoy the highs, the lows reveal so much about ourselves. They reveal our inner strength, showing us that we are capable of facing. You will be hurt, you will lose friends, you will fight with people you care about and you will be broken – but even more important to note is the fact that you will pick yourself back up, put yourself together and move on!

You are Enough! You are Worthy!

You deserve love, peace, kindness!

You are good enough!

You will have better days!

You are beautiful, both inside and out!

So, the next time that you feel as though your world is crumbling down, let yourself feel whatever you feel and remind yourself that you are going to be OK. Maybe not today, but you will be OK!