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When it comes to healing ourselves on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level we need to take a look at our zodiac signs. Each body part you have is ruled by your sign as well, it’s energy to be more specific.

Years ago, doctors actually studied the stars as well as our dreams in order to work out how to treat each patient properly. This kind of medicine is an art that has been lost in today’s modernized society. Here’s how your zodiac sign can help heal you.

Aries (Head, Hair, and Face)

When you are dealing with any sort of imbalance it can result in things like headaches as well as migraines and sinus issues. If things are overly serious you may even endure hair loss or acne. When things like this happen you need to take a look at your life and see if you have been following the path that leads to your true self. If you have been hiding in the shadows you are causing a serious imbalance in your life.

Taurus (Neck, Throat, Thyroid, and Tonsils)

If your energy is running low you can end up having to deal with neck problems and even sore throat issues. When this happens you will need to revive the grounded feeling you’re lacking. You can do this by using blue crystals on your throat. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a cycle, you need to do new things while still feeling secure.

Gemini (Mind, Thoughts, Arms, and Hands)

If you are not being allowed the freedom to express yourself your energy will become imbalances. This can cause scattered thoughts, pain in the arms or hands, as well as expression of fear. When this happens you need to meditate. This will help keep you calm and soothe your mind.

Cancer (Chest, Breasts, and Heart)

If you find that your nurturing nature is no longer needed it can cause some issues. You may go through things like being overly sensitive, having uncontrollable emotions, and even sore breasts. To counteract this issue you need to work on breathing exercises. Do your best to spend time outside and if you feel it is necessary volunteer for something. Helping others is your passion, put it to good use.

Leo (Upper back)

If you become out of energy it can cause lots of issues. You may be dealing with things like back pain, difficulty expressing your emotions, and feeling shy. If this happens you will need to indulge in any possible form of expression. Talk to those you care about, they will be there to listen.

Virgo (Stomach and Digestive Organs)

If you become imbalanced you will find yourself going through things like digestive issues, constipation, and poor digestion. If you notice this happening you need to spend time with yourself learning to let go. Calm your mind and get to the bottom of any nagging thoughts you may be dealing with.

Libra (Kidneys, Bladder, and Lower Back)

You are someone who needs to connect with others in order to thrive. If something threatens this you may go through things like co-dependency, bladder infections, or lower back pain. To counter this you will need to find a way to compromise with those in your life. If you rely too much on others you need to work on finding your own sense of independence.

Scorpio (Genitals)

When a Scorpio becomes imbalanced it can manifest itself in the form of depression, lack of libido, or even in some cases an overactive libido. If you notice this happening you need to embrace change and work on your tantra. Find a place near water that you can spend time reflecting at.

Sagittarius (Fingers and Toes)

When you become imbalanced it will often show itself in the form of arthritis or even an ingrown toenail. This is something that can be awful and should be avoided. If you notice any of these things coming on try doing some yoga and centering yourself. Don’t let anything others say bother you, you are the only person who matters at the end of the day.

Capricorn (Bones, Knees, and Teeth)

You are all about getting things done and this sometimes is a major setback. When you become imbalanced it can appear in the form of knee issues or even cavities. This is something you need to find a way around. Slow down, Make time for fun and spend a little more time outside of work.

Aquarius (Nervous System)

You will feel insane when you’re not balanced properly. You will feel as if you have lost touch with everything and sometimes you may deal with ankle issues. If this happens you will need to work on bringing your creativity out. Use all the inspiration surrounding you each day to work on your art.

Pisces (Feet)

If you become imbalanced you will deal with things like pain in the feet, or worriness. If this happens you will need to get in touch with your spiritual self on a deeper level. Try spending time reflecting and do not hesitate to go get a foot massage.