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Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, 3D artist Filip Hodas aka Hoodass has a talent fore creating captivating and surreal artwork that grabs your attention and takes you to another world.

In his recent series, he depicted a dystopian future in which his images revealed creepy, decaying pop culture images and icons including video games, cartoon characters, fast food brands and other imagery relevant to our current society. Painting a mental image of the potential of our own grim future, these images both interest and disturb their audience. Enjoy his work? His Instagram account includes even more examples of his amazing talent, or you can purchase prints, phone cases and more!

Abandoned Trail of Dominos

The Demise of a Once Popular System

The Dark Fall of Mario and Friends

A Game Boy Inspired Building

A Grim Future for Bender

The Stones of Tetris Lay Abandoned

Lego Creations

Jenga Before the Final Fall

A Not-So-Happy Meal

Hello Kitty, Forgotten in the Future

No Longer Able to ‘Taste the Feeling’

Burnt Out Mr. Pacman

A Once Powerful Space Invader