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Every single thing we come in contact with has some sort of effect on us whether we notice it or not. The sun, the moon, the people we see, everything affects us.

Not everything we encounter gives off something good some things give off bad energy. The moon, for instance, can either be your strength or your weakness. As you know it is something we find quite fascinating in life and even in love, however, it can and does often have a series of negative effects on the human mind. This being both scientific and spiritual.

According to Quantum Physics, everything in the universe operates on a specific frequency. The moons frequency exerts control over our emotions. We react to the position and phase in which the moon is in. Our subconscious controls much more of our mind than we would like to think. The moon has the power to make thought frequencies in our mind to come to our conscious. This can be both good and bad.

The moon is in control of our tides as well, this is something you may already be aware of. Its gravitational pull tends to disturb the water here on the Earth. The moon affects our sleep patterns and so much more. One study published in the past was an experiment that proved this. Researchers studied and observed the brain activity of volunteers. Gradually they came to the conclusion that on nights closer to moon Days the amount of sleep they could get was less than normal.

If you want to avoid dealing with any negative effects you may be getting from the moon you will need to take control of your own vibrations. Use any and all opportunities that occur in which you can cleanse your mind. We can use new moon energy in positive ways if we work within to control it.