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Have you ever noticed some people seem to wear the ‘same thing’ every day? These people most likely have something called a ‘capsule wardrobe.’

They have a closet filled with a limited number of interchangeable pieces that are all versatile and usually similar. They do not have an overflowing wardrobe of outfits they will never wear. Tons of people prefer things this way. This is also becoming a fad among people who could afford anything they want clothing wise.

People who prefer this sort of wardrobe are not challenged with what to wear day in and day out. They have more time and energy to spend on other things, things that matter. Wearing similar outfits is a lot less stressful than worrying about what to try out next.

Also for those who do not have tons of money to blow on clothes, this type of wardrobe can save money. According to Drew Barrymore holding onto clothes from our youth that we will most likely never fit into again doesn’t make sense. Why hold onto something that is just taking up space in our closet?

We should do away with the old things that are either worn out or no long fit and do away with the things we have but probably won’t ever wear. The capsule wardrobe movement makes a ton of sense and any normal outfit you choose can always be glammed up or glammed down depending on what event you need it to fit.

I have had a capsule wardrobe for well over seven years now and I love it. I never have to think too much about what to wear and can spend more time on things that are important to me. What do you think about this and will you be giving the capsule wardrobe a try?

For information and tips on creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself please click here. It is easy and effective. You will love it!