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Strength is being able to move on when you feel like you can’t. It’s wiping the tears from your eyes while everyone else is caught up in their own problems.

Forgiving those who broke you, that is strength. Strength is trusting those around you even when you’ve no reason to.

Strength is holding onto your dreams and going after what you deserve is strength.

I am strong, I stand tall even though I am so small. I challenge things that I know I shouldn’t and I spend time with those who do not appreciate me, because I am told it is what I am supposed to do.

I am tired of being so strong but I will not stop.

I am ready to give up but I never will. I don’t like being hurt so much and getting my hopes up just to be let down. I am tired of always blaming myself as to not cast blame on those who deserve it.

I am tired and sick of all the people telling me I need to change. I do what I can, I try to make you all happy but I can’t. I am always being the bigger person, but when is it your turn? I try so hard to please others and yet they still shit on me.

I’m tired of all these sleepless nights staring at the ceiling wondering where I should go from here. I am haunted by the person you all need me to be. I am exhausted and my strength is fading. I cannot continue being strong for sake of everyone else but I will.

I should not be solving problems that are not my own. I should not be forced to deal with your lies and fake apologies. I am here and I carry all your burdens. For what?

Caring this much does not make me happy, having a big heart has never done me any good. Being strong is painful. I can’t stand being so strong yet I am unable to be any other way. Even though I am exhausted I will continue on.

Nothing will stop me, and don’t feel sad for me if you’re reading this. I wouldn’t choose to have my life any other way. I may think of how things would be if they were different and I may want for more here and there but when all is said and done, I am needed.

Don’t take those for granted who do everything for you, they deserve recognition. Let them know you care before it is too late.